Blog | My first night as a volunteer

22 January 2019

Our Chief Executive Katie has become an Assistant Beaver Leader at her local Scout Group. We asked her to share how her first night in her new role went.

Katie Docherty

“I have always enjoyed getting involved as a parent helper at the Beavers and the Cubs but this year I decided I wanted to become a bit more involved. I have always appreciated the opportunities that the leaders give to all the children including my own and after helping out on the parent rota, I realised that even though I wasn’t in the Scouts myself as a child and I can’t pitch a tent (yet) there are plenty of ways in which I can help out.

"At my first night, I was made to feel very welcome by Yolanda the Beaver Leader and Heather the other Assistant Leader – Heather is also quite new in her role and another parent recruit.

Youth-led Scouting

"We ran a Log Chew for the Beavers. This activity gives Beaver Scouts the chance to express their opinion on the programme and get involved in programme planning. Young people are at the heart of Scouting. We support young people to shape their experiences and this applies at age six too. 

"The children worked together in groups of four or five to discuss what activities they would like to take part in during the coming weeks and months at Beavers. Their discussions centred around what they would like to do in the hall, what they would like to do outside and what visits they would like to make.

"Some of the children were quite quiet, to begin with, or a little unsure if their idea was one that others would agree with, but with just a little bit of encouragement, they soon became as involved as their friends. It was really rewarding to see the Beavers become so excited at the possibility of all these exciting ideas and it was lovely to watch them working together. 

Activity planning

"Our role as adult Leaders was to make this a fun activity, to encourage the young people to take turns and to support all of the children to be able to share their opinions. We received some fantastic ideas, which ranged from dodgeball to visiting a fire station, and from going to the park to going on a boat trip. 

"Now as adults we take the views of the young people and organise the activities they would like to take part in. As a new volunteer, my role will be to help the Beaver Leader in the organisation of these activities – by sharing out the workload.

I really enjoyed the evening and am looking forward to helping out each week. I’ll also be attending District Training soon, and can’t wait to learn more.

Volunteer for Scouting

If you’d like to help your local Scout Group as a volunteer, you can find your local Scout Group on our website, and get in touch with them to find out what roles are available.

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