Blog | Making the most of your Scouts skills

Blog | Making the most of your Scouts skills

04 August 2017

August can be a nervy time as young people receive their exam results but it's worth remembering that skills and experiences achieved through Scouting can also play an important a role in a young person’s future success. We asked Scott Douglas, our SHQ Commissioner (Explorers) to explain how. 

The majority of Explorers in Scotland will have just experienced their exams - some for the first time and some for the third - at all national levels right through to Advanced Highers. Huge pressure can be put on young people to do well in these exams in order to set them up for life and access good jobs.

However, to be successful you need much more than qualifications.  You need skills and experiences that enable you to fulfil any role to the best of your ability.  

Being part of Scouting provides many opportunities to develop the sorts of skills and experiences that will make any CV and college or university applications stand out from the crowd.

Skills for life

Many Explorers may not even be aware of the skills they're developing through participating in a balanced programme or taking part in our Young Leaders scheme, so it's vital that Leaders help them to understand just what they are achieving. 

For example:

Did you know that by involving Explorers in developing the unit programme they are developing organisational skills, communication skills, teamwork, and time management?

Did you know that by being a Young Leader, Explorers are learning communication skills, leadership, social skills, decision making, and how to work independently and as part of a team?

Did you know that by completing the top awards, Explorers are demonstrating the ability to show commitment, self-motivation and organisational skills?

Did you know that by participating in a camp Explorers are learning how to work as part of a team or independently, and developing the ability to adapt and be flexible to different situations?

Supporting Explorers to showcase skills

Why not hold a night or a series of nights looking at how being an Explorer can benefit future career paths, including an interview skills night. The Scout Association's Get Ahead: Scouting and Employability resource can help you plan these.  

Some Explorers will be very academic and achieve all the grades required to get to where they want to go. However, others will not achieve what they expected, wanted or needed.  All Explorers will have developed so many skills during their time within the section and we must ensure they can showcase these skills and experiences no matter which path they choose.

Whatever exam results you achieve this year, think about all the skills you do have and use these when you take a new path towards your journey to your dream.

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