Blog | Make your own Remembrance Poppy

Blog | Make your own Remembrance Poppy

02 November 2018

Armistice Day is always an important date to mark with young people, and we know that many Scout Groups get involved with local commemorations.

We love that 11th Fife Scouts have been making their own poppies with used juice bottles. What a great way to re-use plastic! Leader Davie kindly provided us with some simple instructions if you want to try it yourself.

What you need

One 2ltr empty juice bottle

Black marker pen

A pair of scissors

Red acrylic paint and paint brush

Step 1 

Carefully cut the bottle in half and remember to recycle any bits of discarded plastic.

Homemade remembrance poppy

Step 2 

With the bottom half of the bottle, cut the sides in about five strips (still attached to the base of the bottle).

Make your own rememebrance poppy step 2

Step 3 

Fold the strips you’ve just created outwards to form the petals.

Make your own remembrance poppy step 3

Step 4 

Draw a black circle in the centre of the inside of the bottle’s base. This will be the poppy’s centre. Add some black dots for poppy seeds too.

Make your own remembrance poppy step 4

Step 5

Trim and shape your petals, remembering to recycle small bits of unwanted plastic.

Step 6

Turn your poppy over and paint the outside of it red. Just a thin coat is fine - too thick, and it will take longer to dry. 

Step 7

Wait for your paint to dry, turn the poppy over and you now have a fab homemade poppy decoration or bowl!

Don’t forget to take a picture of your creation and share it on social media, tagging Scouts Scotland so we can see what you’ve achieved!