Blog | How Scouting shaped me - Bethany

Blog | How Scouting shaped me - Bethany

21 June 2018

We love to see young people use their Scouting skills to help them succeed in life.

21-yr old Scout Leader and Civil Engineering Technician Bethany talks to us about how her Scouting background helped shape her career choices and why she loves to share her passion for STEM subjects with her local Scout Group.

"I have been involved in Scouting for a while, and it has definitely helped me develop as a person. I use the skills I have learnt daily – whether its communication skills, teamwork skills or problem-solving.

"At work, I’m part of a big team and we’re constantly under pressure to deliver on time, but I find through using my Scouting skills I’m prepared. It’s sometimes hard being a young woman in engineering, but the confidence I’ve developed through Scouting has really helped with that.

"I am a hands-on, outdoorsy person"

"I was always interested in maths and enjoyed technical subjects at school, so I knew from the age of about 12 or 13 that I wanted to be involved in the construction industry. I considered becoming an architect at first but after more investigation, I settled on civil engineering.

"Thanks to my Scouting background and passion for riding horses, I am more of a hands-on, 'outdoorsy' person, so I wasn’t sure three or four years of university study was for me. I chose the apprenticeship route instead.

"This has been great. I spend my days out on the construction site in all weathers!

"We use engineering skills all the time in Scouts"

"I have a busy work life so I’m really grateful for my network of Scouting friends. There is always a friendly face when I go to a new town.  I am never in one place for very long and have some long work hours so it’s good to be able to attend camps and catch up with all your friends.

"Since starting my job, I have also been able to apply more and more of my workplace skills to Scouting. We use engineering skills all the time in Scouts, whether that’s for building a fire in a pyramid, or even for map reading. I have even run “construction nights” with my local Scout Group in Forres.

"Science, technology, engineering and mathematics is everywhere, but we’re not always aware of how we use these subjects on a daily basis. I feel lucky that I’ve been able to use my STEM skills beyond school, but with technology becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, we need more and more people to help it grow it at the speed it needs to. As a Scout Leader, I feel privileged to be able to play my part in showing young people that STEM subjects can be for everyone."