Blog | Four Science activities you can do outdoors

Blog | Four Science activities you can do outdoors

12 March 2019

One way to make STEM subjects accessible to all age groups and abilities is to go outside and apply theory and knowledge to real life scenarios. So, for British Science Week, we asked our team at Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead to highlight four ways to include science teaching as part of your outdoors residential.

Archery arrows teach basic physics

Archery is a fun skill to learn, and is great for instilling some friendly competition within a group. While your young people are enjoying themselves trying to hit the target, you can also introduce some basic physics.

Our instructors will explain the role the fletching (the fin shaped plastic device at the end of the arrow) plays in controlling the flight of the arrow, prompting wider discussion about how air resistance affects flight. To evidence this knowledge, you can ask your students to draw an arrow, labelling the parts and identifying their functions.

Buoyancy brought to life on a kayak

Canoeing or kayaking can be great for character building but you can also use it to teach basic science concepts, such as buoyancy. We encourage groups to investigate how their kayak floats through games and challenges, and we ask young people to identify the parts of their canoe that help keep them afloat.

Problem-solving to build rafts

Raft Building is an excellent activity to develop problem-solving and team-work. The challenge of building a raft that can float encourages young people to think about the principles behind buoyancy and hydrodynamics while designing their raft. Our instructors will use problem-solving exercises to help them work out whether the raft they’ve built will be able to float.

Introducing geology while climbing

Rock climbing is brilliant for building confidence and resilience, but it also presents an opportunity to introduce basic geology. At Lochgoilhead, we do climbing on real rock, so our instructors will discuss rock types and formation during a session. We will also look at how different types of rock will affect our ability to climb. You can ask your students to fill out a rock identification sheet to evidence their learning.

Making your residential meaningful

These are just a small selection of the ways you can incorporate science teaching into an active outdoors residential. At Lochgoilhead we map Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes across all subjects to all our activities.

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