Blog | Burns Night activities

Blog | Burns Night activities

15 January 2019

Burns Night is not far away and it is always a fun opportunity to introduce some Scottish culture to your young people and tick off some requirements for the Thistle Award.

Here are some Burns night ideas, which can be adapted for all ages. Let us know if you are doing any of these or if you have other exciting activities planned.

Learn some Burns poetry and songs

Learning Burns poetry is a rite of passage for young people growing up in Scotland. Encourage your young people to recite it to each other and learn more about Scots’ language and culture. 

Badge links: The Thistle Award, Creative Activity Badge (Beavers)

Best for: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Write your own Scottish stories

Use Burns' poetry as inspiration for your young people to write their own stories or poems using Scots words.

Badge links: The Thistle Award

Best for: Beavers

Enjoy a Burns supper

The best part of Burns Night is the food! You could introduce Beavers to haggis, while Cubs could have a go at preparing some traditional Scottish foods. For an extra special challenge, ask your Scouts to try creating a Burns supper under camp conditions.

Badge links: The Thistle Award, Chef Activity Badge (Cubs)

Best for: Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Plan a Haggis Hunt

Burns Night marks the end of “haggis hunting” season so why not have some fun running this Scottish themed treasure hunt at your meeting place or outdoors.  

Badge links: The Thistle Award

Best for: Beavers and Cubs

Further resources: Online Scout Manager Haggis Hunt

Design a tartan

How about some tartan-inspired crafts? You can design your own tartan using paints, fabrics or weaving with paper strips. To adapt this activity for Scouts, ask them to research the history of Scottish clans and tartans. If your Group wears a tartan neckie, it might be a great opportunity to learn more about its origins.

Badge link: The Thistle Award

Best for: Beavers and Scouts

More information

If Burns Night inspires you to do more Scottish-themed activities, check out the full Thistle Award requirements for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. This Award also makes an excellent theme for a camp.

Find out more about the Thistle Award.