Blog | Bringing maths to life outdoors

Blog | Bringing maths to life outdoors

15 May 2019

Maths doesn’t need to be taught in a classroom! For National Numeracy Day we asked our instructor team at Scout Adventures Lochgoilhead to share some ideas about how you can teach primary school maths in the outdoors during one of our adventure residentials.

Learn about angles during abseiling

Getting the angle of our rope correct is important for a safe, successful abseil. We cover all the appropriate angles in our classroom briefing and when we take groups out on the crag, we’ll then encourage the young people to evaluate the rope position before the descent, putting their maths into practice.

Practise mental maths with archery

Encourage your pupils to practise some mental maths while introducing a little friendly competition to an archery session by asking everyone to keep their own score. You can take the maths teaching up a notch by encouraging the young people to work out the average scores for both the group and each individual.

Work with scale building rafts

Raft Building is a fun team-building activity but it is also a great way to introduce the teaching of scale and ratios. We encourage groups to create their raft design on our mini raft models. As they work through their ideas you can ask them to calculate the size of the real raft based on the size of their smaller versions. 

Calculating speed when hillwalking

We all know that hillwalking can be character building for young people but you can also use this activity to sneak in some numeracy skills. During a hillwalking session we encourage groups to calculate timings for each leg of their route, taking into account speed, distance and time.

These are just some of the ways we work the Curriculum for Excellence across all of our activities during our school residentials. Whether you want to focus on maths, literacy, geography, science or a combination of everything, get in touch and we can help you develop a programme that best supports your class’s learning needs.

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