Blog | Boost your career by volunteering

Blog | Boost your career by volunteering

10 August 2022

Getting your exam results can bring up a lot of different thoughts and feelings. But if you don’t get the results you were expecting today, that’s ok. We spoke to Squirrels volunteer Michaela about how she used her volunteering experience to boost her career and get into university.

Michaela left school with no qualifications and decided that she wanted to go into Early Years Child Care. By starting at Level 5 and studying during the pandemic, Michaela had no way of gaining hands on experience. Then she realised she could volunteer with Scouts.

What made you want to volunteer with Scouts?

“By the time I started my HNC, I didn’t have any child experience outwith my own kids. I didn’t have any personal experience with Scouting but knew of them through family members. The 39th Fife Scouts were launching their Squirrels Drey and this gave me the hands-on experience that I hadn’t had.”

- How did you find the training?

“All the training was backing up everything I learned at college which gave me a big confidence boost. I even got to attend training such as an Autism Awareness courses – something that I wouldn’t be able to access through college.”

- How have you found volunteering with Squirrels?

“It’s been brilliant! The Drey was just starting so we were all in the same boat which to me was a relief as I felt inexperienced not having been involved with Scouts before. With my background in Early Years, I felt I could offer my thoughts and ideas, and I felt valued. What I do at Squirrels goes hand in hand with what I do in my career.”

- What's the best thing you’ve gotten out of it/the skills you’ve learned from volunteering?

“I’ve just qualified from college, and with the experience from Squirrels, I’ve been accepted into university and been offered a job! The volunteering experience I had through Scouts really set me apart from my peers.

I’ve also been on a lot of camps – I help at out at the Beavers group and volunteer at their camps as well. I’ve gained a lot of outdoors skills and confidence.”

Why should others Volunteer?

"Simply by how much it raises your confidence! I wasn’t sure if working with children was right for me but when you volunteer you have so much support which makes a huge difference. You’ve got the other volunteers and the parents who are all amazing. Everyone is there to help you!

I can pitch a tent now! I’d never had done anything like that and now this and other hands on experience are things that are going to help me in my career. Being able to volunteer has given me a boost and the confidence that I am employable."

If you’re interested in how volunteering is #GoodForYou and can help boost your confidence, skills and career, visit our website for more information.