Blog | Aberfeldy Scouts mark Earth Hour

Blog | Aberfeldy Scouts mark Earth Hour

24 March 2017

The World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour is a global movement designed to raise awareness of climate change. It’s also a great opportunity to highlight environmental issues to young people. Aberfeldy Scouts chose to mark Earth Hour with an eco camp to work towards their Environmental Conservation Activity badge. We asked Leader Alison to tell us all about it.

“As a member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) I have supported Earth Hour for a number of years and thought that it might be good to highlight climate change to the Scouts.

"We have looked at the importance of recycling within the community and discussed how we could do this at camp. We live in a popular tourist area so litter and recycling are very relevant issues for us. We decided to have an eco camp in local woodland as part of our work towards the Environmental Conservation Activity Badge.

"I downloaded the free Earth Hour resources to help us choose our camp activities and asked the Scouts to decide which ones they would like to take part in.

"Together we chose star gazing, looking at alternative sources of energy and luminous bowling. We will also be having a campfire, as there is nothing better to do in the dark when you’re a Scout!

"To prepare for the camp we ran an Earth Hour quiz at our Tuesday meeting. We have also had a session from Zero Waste Scotland [an organisation which promotes recycling] to look at the importance of recycling and the impact of litter on the environment. We have looked at how we can reduce, reuse and recycle at camps.

"We’ve had lots of fun discussing these issues and preparing for our camp. However, this experience has helped us all as a Troop to be more aware of the impact we have on our planet and how simple, easy changes to our lifestyle can help.”

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