Being period-prepared for camp!

Being period-prepared for camp!

Preparing for a camp or going on a long hike can be exciting but if you've got your period it can bring its challenges. Chat with your group about how to manage periods while out on a hike or on a camp and what supplies they might need.

Some recommendations of things to take are:

period products – tampons/pads, etc

nappy bags or little sanitary bags in case there isn’t a bin handy and you have to carry a used product/ soiled underwear;

extra pairs of underwear;

baby wipes or non-scented wet wipes particularly if there isn’t immediate access to water;

dry bags or a waterproof case to carry things in – the last thing you want is for tampons to get wet on a long hike;

A head torch!

When you are thinking about planning a long hike, are there toilets that can be accessed along the way? If not, could you think about taking a different route? Many young people might opt out of a long hike if there isn’t access to a toilet and clean water so think about this when you are planning.

Here are just a few of the great things that groups are doing that your group can do too:

22nd Perthshire (St Matthew’s) Scout Group
“We’ve started taking a period pack to camp (partly because anyone can get caught short). A plain black vanity bag filled with pads, knickers in a range of sizes, disposal bags, and large ziplock bags to put soiled items of clothing in.”

Scouts nan Eilean Siar
“We now have free period products available at all our meeting venues. We are also providing them for camps, trips away, and during outdoor activities. Our Explorer unit, especially through the Young Leaders in the group, is leading the way in ensuring that all our members are aware of this and where the products are available. In the new year, some of the young leaders will be running sessions with Scouts to ensure they are informed.”

Anja Johnston- Scouts Scotland Commissioner for Youth Involvement
“I have a rucksack that goes to camps that has period products and other things in it. Speak to all the young people before arriving at camp. They all know what the bag looks like and know they can help themselves. I also make sure that I always carry a few in my rucksack so if we are out and about while on camp they can always grab me and ask if they need it.”

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