Are you ready for a Squirrels Sleepover?

Are you ready for a Squirrels Sleepover?

26 April 2023

Blog from Susan Smith, Scotland Commissioner (Squirrel Scouts)

The Carnoustie and Monifieth Squirrel Dreys held a joint fun evening and sleepover to celebrate their first birthday, and I was delighted to be asked to come along and join in the fun.

I was greeted by a sea of excited, happy, Squirrels off to enjoy a sing song around their campfire. Once back indoors they were eager to share their excitement of “sleeping in a tent, all night!” I am sure they did just that!

It was lovely to chat to them and find out what they enjoy about being a Squirrel, playing new games and having fun.  Some of the Squirrels had chosen not to sleepover, which was right for them, but a couple did say they would be staying the next time!

Memories made and friendships affirmed, and some delicious birthday cake was eaten too.

Would you consider organising a sleepover with your Drey? Is there something stopping you, something you are unsure of?

I’ve never run a sleepover before, I’m not sure what to do?  

Squirrels are so young!  

What if they get upset?

I don’t have a permit.

These are things that many leaders before you have thought or asked, believe me I was one, but there are so many people within your Group, District, Region, Nationally, who would be willing to help. Please just ask. Give yourself and your young people the opportunity and the challenge.

Whatever you decide to do your young people will absolutely love it.

At first, keep it short - 6pm till 9am maybe. Keep it local, in your meeting place even, somewhere familiar. Think about their favourite activities at Squirrels, can you extend them? Can you try something new altogether? Have a movie night, Lego building, building dens indoors or out. Go for a walk as the sun sets or a night-time play at a local park? Plan the sleepover with the Squirrels so they have ownership of it, but most of all have fun!