Are you eligible for Cashback for Communities funding?

Are you eligible for Cashback for Communities funding?

Cashback for Communities is a Scottish Government programme that takes money seized from criminals and invests it in community initiatives that focus on preventing crime, improving the quality of life of young people across Scotland.

Scouts Scotland has given funding from the Cashback for Communities scheme to Scout Groups and Units across Scotland for several years now, including £63,000 last year alone. 

It's been used to reduce the costs of activity days and camps; buy equipment that allows skills to be taught; and has helped our young people become more confident, learn new skills, improve their health and wellbeing, and aspire to do more with their lives.

Could your Scouts benefit from this funding? Read on to learn more about eligibility and the application process.

This scheme is aimed at young people aged between 10 and 24, and for us, that means Scouts, Explorer Scouts, and Scout Network. To be eligible, these young people will live in or be a member of a Scout Group or Unit that's located in an area of deprivation (measured in the context of the local authority that this area is within) or an area that is experiencing anti-social behaviour/ criminal activity that Scouting can act as a diversion from.

If you lead a Scout Troop, Explorer Scout Unit, or a Scout Network and think you have young people who meet the above criteria and would benefit from funding, then just send us an email at

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, accessing the funding is easy and doesn't require an application form. Some information from the Scouts needs to be collected and passed on to The Scottish Government, but we’ll guide you through that process.

Should you be eligible, we're really looking forward to sharing this funding with you to support the Scouts that need it most!