A Million Hands Official Launch

A Million Hands Official Launch

We are both excited and proud to officially launch our new A Million Hands themes and partners.

Over the next four years, young people from across the country will work with the support of charity experts to tackle six of Scotland’s biggest social issues. These issues have been chosen by young people and include ending homelessness, better mental health for all, understanding disability, supporting refugees and displaced children, kindness in every community, and protecting the environment.

Marc Sermanni from Inverclyde was one of the young people involved in choosing the themes, and we caught up with him to tell us a little about how and why these themes were chosen. Mark said:

“The great thing about these themes is that they were driven by young people. By focusing on these themes, young people will be able to tackle issues within their community that they care about.”

As part of the official launch, Scouts met with staff and service users at Crisis Edinburgh to find out more about their work and what can be done to help end homelessness.

Marc added, “Homelessness is seen in so many communities across Scotland, but it’s not inevitable. I hope that by learning about homelessness we can help to change the conversation around it and play a part in ending it for good.”

Rob Murray, Commissioner for Community Impact, said, “We are facing big issues within Scotland and indeed the world. I am delighted that our young people have chosen these six issues that we will take action on.

With 40,000 young people and over 12,000 volunteers in Scotland, we know that we can be a force for good to tackle these issues.

We are working with our national partners to deliver our goals and would encourage communities and organisations to join with us in our mission to make Scotland a fairer, friendlier and more environmentally conscious nation."

To help with theses ambitious projects, we have partnered with WWF, Crisis, SAMH, National Autistic Society, British Red Cross and Save the Children. There are a range resources available for anyone wishing to explore these issues with their group.

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