Elements of Scouting Camp

  • When 23 Jun 2023 19:00 To 25 Jun 2023 15:00
  • Where Lapwing Lodge, Gleniffer Road, Paisley, United Kingdom
  • PA2 8UL
  • Cost £180 per patrol
  • Email Jackie.gibson@scouts.scot

About the event

Elements of Scouting is back!

Come along and join our patrol style camp for Scouts aged 10 -14. 

Patrols will camp independently on one of three sub camps where they will be supported by a team of subcamp staff. They will have the opportunity to learn and develop their camping skills in a supportive environment whilst having loads of fun and hopefully making some new friends along the way! 

On arrival at camp patrols will be assisted in setting up their campsites; over the weekend they will cook meals on fire, take part in lots of Scouting activities, wide games, campfires, and a Scouts own.

There will be skills workshops in:

  • Axe and saw safety.
  • Food storage & hygiene
  • Making gadgets

And opportunities to try out lots of other activities such as pioneering and bushcraft skills. The full programme will be available soon.

We got some great feedback from last year's attendees:

‘ My son loved it, he’d go back tomorrow if he could!’

‘Great skills for all Scouts’

‘Great to meet Scouts from other areas = new friends’

 All Scouts attending will complete the requirements for the Outdoors Award* and the campers activity badge*. A full list of all badge requirements met will be published following the camp. (* except nights away) 

Important Information & dates:

  • The cost includes camping fees, supper on Friday and Saturday nights and a full programme of activities. It does not include any other meals or transport.
  • Patrols do not require to be accompanied by a leader.
  • The deadline for group registration is 30th April. Names of Scouts are not required for this.
  • A final list of participant names and dietary requirements will be required by 26th May.

Patrol booking:

Book patrols now

Participant details 

The parent/ guardian of each Scout attending should fill in the following form by Sunday 4th June: 

 Elements of Scouting Camp Individual Scout Information Form

Please advise them of your registration number and the correct patrol name as this will make life much easier for the event organisers! If you are unsure of your registration number, please let Jackie know - email above. 

Kit lists 

Attached separately you will find: 

Patrol kit list 

Individual kit list  

Please ensure ALL patrol kit is marked clearly with your group name.  

Arriving at camp 

Patrols can arrive and register from 7pm. Patrols should only register when all members have arrived. Patrols will be allocated to a sub camp on arrival. 

There will be a one-way system in place at drop off and groups will be directed into a bay for unloading. 

It may be possible for groups to drop off patrol kit on the Thursday evening. Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss this. 

Pick up will be from 3.15pm on Sunday.

Outline programme

Friday from 7pm 

Arrive and set up camp 


Free time activities 






Sub camp workshops  




Activity 1 


Activity 2 




Wide games 


Camp fire 






Scouts Own 


Activity 3 




Pack up  


Camp closing 

Activity areas: 



Communication skills 

Cooking at camp and some menu idea/ tips 

Patrols should provide their food for all meals except for Friday and Saturday night supper. 

Meals will be cooked on fire wherever possible (gas stoves will be used in adverse weather conditions etc) 

Breakfasts should contain at least one cooked element 

Dinner should contain at least one cooked course. 

There will not be fires at lunchtimes and therefore lunches should be cold. Hot water will be provided for hot drinks/ cup a soup etc. 

Menus should be planned with the patrol’s ability and taste in mind. Some suggestions are provided below. 


Cereal/ cereal bars/ instant porridge followed by: 

A hot filled roll (sausage/ bacon/ eggs/ potato scones) 

Eggy bread 

Beans & toast 


Easier options: 

Pasta with tomato sauce - add ingredients of your choice (cooked meatballs, smoked sausage, fried peppers, and mushrooms) to either homemade or shop bought tomato sauce and serve with pasta 

Curry and rice – add cooked chicken and/ or vegetables to a curry sauce of your choice and serve with boiled rice (boil in the bag rice is much easier!) 

Or for those who feel a bit more confident about cooking: 

Chilli & rice – fry some mince with a chopped onion, add a spice mix, tinned tomatoes and kidney beans, simmer whilst your rice cooks. 

Mince & tatties  

Spicy sausage pasta – fry some chorizo sausage with onions and peppers, add some garlic, a few flakes of chilli and a jar of passata, simmer whilst your pasta cooks. 

NAN form 

A partially completed NAN form is attached, please complete the form with your group details and forward to your District Commissioner (or nights away advisor). 


Any adults who are intending to come along with their patrols should complete the following form: 

Elements of Scouting Camp 2023 Adult Volunteer Information Form

We would welcome any volunteers who wish to attend, however, please note that any accompanying adults will not be camping with their Scouts and will be allocated a role such as supporting programme delivery, assisting with logistics etc. 


If you have any questions/ queries about this event, please don’t hesitate to contact me: 





Whilst we have a team of volunteers in place to support the camp, we would welcome any additional leader who wish to attend. Please note, however, that any accompanying adults will not be camping with their Scouts and will be allocated a role such as supporting programme delivery, assisting with logistics etc.

Any adults who are intending to come along with their patrols should complete the following form:

Volunteer form

Volunteer appointment requirements:

All leaders must be 18 at the time of the event

Network Members MUST have a valid adult appointment or be a member of a Scout Active Support Unit

If you have applied for or hold an adult appointment in Scouting you must have:
 A valid PVG/Disclosure secured through Scouting
Completed and recorded on Compass, Module 1 of the Adult Training Scheme
Completed and recorded on Compass, GDPR module
Completed and recorded on Compass, Safety and Safeguarding modules
All modules must be ‘in date’ at the start of the camp

In addition, prior to the camp, if you have held an adult appointment for more than 5 months you must have:
Completed & validated Modules 2 and either 3 or 4) of the Scout Adult Training Scheme
A FULL role on Compass (including having attended an appointments’ committee and the receipt by Scouting in your District of two references)
At the beginning of the event, you must meet any Scout Association First Aid requirements for your role.

If you are a member of Scout Active Support who does not hold or has not applied for another adult appointment in Scouting you must have:
A valid PVG/Disclosure secured through Scouting
All modules must be ‘in date’ at the start of the camp

In addition, prior to the camp you must have: Validated Module 1 of the Adult Training Scheme:
Completed & recorded on Compass, GDPR module
Completed & recorded on Compass, Safety and Safeguarding modules