Celebrating youth involvement

Designed by young people, our Youth Approved Award encourages and celebrates youth involvement at all levels of Scouting in Scotland.

We all know how important youth involvement is to ensure that our youth members are getting the very best experiences from Scouting. The Youth Approved Award has been designed to support members at all levels to create meaningful youth involvement to Scouts in Scotland.

The Award will help you benchmark your achievements, identify any areas for improvement and celebrate the great work you are already doing.

The Youth Approved Award was created by young people in partnership with adults and will help every section, group, district, and region and the country become truly 'Youth Shaped' by completing the activities. I am really excited by this award and I hope it helps leaders across Scotland extract young people’s full potential!

Jenny, Scotland Commissioner (Youth Involvement)


Who is the Youth Approved Award for?

We are looking for Sections, Groups, Districts and Regions to get involved. The Awards offer a set of requirements tailored to each level of Scouting. We even have a set of requirements applicable at a national level, so at Scouts Scotland we look forward to working towards each award alongside you!

Why should I get involved with the Youth Approved Award?

We are passionate about making sure our Movement is shaped by young people in partnership with adults. Our Youth Approved Award is your opportunity to shine a light on all the great work you do to help make that happen, and inspire others to do the same. 



How is the Award assessed?

Young people are responsible for the assessment of Youth Approved Awards and this will be done through our various Youth Advisory Groups although interim arrangements will apply where these have not yet been set up. Assessments for the Bronze level begin in September but you can apply sooner if you have already met the requirements. 

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