Who will be the next Scouts Scotland MSYP?

In November (2023), young people aged 12-25 will be able to vote for two Scouts (aged 14-25) to represent them at the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP). 

Those elected will become a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) and represent Scouts Scotland, serving a two-year termDuring that time, they will: 

Work with the Scottish Youth Parliament to represent the young people of Scouts Scotland,  

Make sure issues that are important to / affecting Scouts Scotland young people are heard, listened to, and valued, and 

Campaign for changes to the nation they live in. 

Scouts Scotland MSYP’s will also become part of the Youth Shaped Team, led by the Youth Commissioner, to make sure young people are in the driving seat of shaping the Scouting movement in Scotland. 

Want to find out more and who our current MSYP is – click here.

What is the Scottish Youth Parliament?

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is a youth-led organisation with the mission to “provide a national platform for young people to discuss the issues that are important to them, and campaign for changes to the nation that they live in” (SYP, 2022)The foundation of their work is based on Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child (UNCRC)… 

“Children [Young people] have the right to give their opinions freely on issues that affect themAdults should listen and take children [young people] seriously” (UNICEF, n.d).   

The SYP is independent from all political parties. They work with stakeholders, groups, and individuals who share their valuesSYP is about democracy, inclusion and diversity, and ensuring young people are aware of their rights and that local and national governments uphold those rights. 

Why is the SYP important for young people in Scouts?

MSYPs for Scouts Scotland will represent and champion the voices of Scouts across the nationIt is an opportunity for young people to be involved in influencing, shaping, designing, and contributing to policy and campaigns locally and nationally, to make changes and raise awareness of the issues affecting young people involved in the Scouting movement, and to ensure young people’s rights are reflected and upheld within the organisation and in local and national government.   

Young people are the sources of knowledge about issues that affect them. Scouts Scotland aims to actively listen to and values the meaningful participation of young people who want to collectively work towards a Youth Shaped ethos. Increasing young people’s awareness and knowledge of their rights is reflected in the Rights Challenge Badge and the collaborative work between Scouts Scotland and the Children & Young People’s Commissioner Scotland 

Why should young people apply?

This is an opportunity for young people to develop skills for lifeIt is also a great opportunity to make new friends, visit different areas of Scotland, take action, be listened to, inspire, and meet other inspiring young people.  

With support from the SYP and Scouts Scotland (SS Election Co-ordinators – Anouska (Noush) Duffy and Simon Robinson), candidates will be offered many opportunities to develop key skills that will better prepare them for their futures as the decision-makers and leaders.   

Being an MSYP offers young people the opportunity to develop the following skills for life: 


oral and written communication, 

critical thinking,  

teamwork and collaboration,  


responsibility and reliability, 

motivation and initiative,

planning and organising, 



decision-making, and many more 

What sort of commitment does it require?

There is no precise time commitment, it will likely fluctuate due to busy and quiet periodsA level of commitment to the role and its responsibilities are required, and will likely average at a few hours a weekThis shouldn’t put people off, part of every candidate’s development will involve opportunities to attend sessions / discussions on responsibilities, planning, time management, and expectations.   

The role involves: 

being a role model to other young people, their voice champion, 

consulting with young people across Scouts Scotland to find out their views and opinions on matters that are important / affect them, 

taking part in SYP and Scout Scotland events (when able) as the collective voice and representatives of Scouts across Scotland, 

expected attendance to three weekend-long National Sittings of the SYP each year to represent their Scout peers (watch this space for the Orkney SYP Sitting Experience coming soon!).  This is supported by Scouts Scotland HQ and the Election Co-ordinator(s), and 

playing an active role in SYP campaigns, fighting to improve things for Scotland’s young people. 

Who should apply?

Any young person living in Scotland aged 14 – 25 on Sunday 19th November 2023 may stand as an MSYP.  

People with a passion for children and young people’s rights. 

Those with an invested interest in the collective views and opinions of all young people in the Scouting movement. 

Young people who want to make the difference. 

Noush and Simon (the Scouts Scotland election co-ordinators) will be available to support and guide all candidates and elected MSYPs on their journey, and they welcome any young person who wants to learn more to reach out. Contact details below. 

What is the timeline?

Candidate registration Monday 15th May to Monday 31st July 2023 

Candidate training & development – From Saturday 1st July 2023 (ongoing) 

Deadline for candidate applications – Friday 1st September 2023 

Deadline for candidate profiles to be uploaded to SYP Elections Platform – Friday 15th September 2023 

Promote the Vote! & Candidate Campaigning – Throughout October 2023 

Elections – Monday 6th November – Sunday 19th November 2023 

Results Announcement – Monday 20th November 2023 

Election Co-ordinator:

Simon Robinson

Scouting Operations Manager 



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