ScoutIn for Adults

Face to face Scouting may be on hold for the next few months, but we can use this time to ask our young people to continue to #ScoutIn, using online resources, links to badgework, and other fun activities. Similarly, it's a great opportunity for our adults to catch up with any outstanding training, which is easy to complete online.

Scouts have a great training scheme that ensures that every volunteer is fully supported and has the skills they need to do their role.

Alasdair Keane, Cub Leader

What Adult Training should I do?

Our main focus is on bringing all our adult volunteers fully up to date with ‘Getting Started’ modules – Essential Information, Personal Learning Plan (PLP), Tools for the Role and GDPR – and also with Safety and Safeguarding Awareness Ongoing Learning, if that applies to your role.

Please do not wait until face to face training resumes, this is something we really need everyone to prioritise right now. Please use some of the time you would normally spend Scouting, and help us come back from this crisis as a Movement that can outwardly demonstrate we put young people’s welfare to the forefront of everything we do.

Have you ever logged into Compass, our membership database?

Please log in and check your own profile, in particular the training tab. If you show the PLP for your current role, that will let you to see any learning and/or validation that is outstanding.

Are you a GSL, AGSL, Training Adviser or Commissioner?

Please help the volunteers you manage or support, to access all this information and act upon it, and ensure that all learning and validation is entered on Compass, by someone who has that level of access.

Not sure what it all means?

Please make contact with your GSL, Training Adviser or ADC (Adult Training). They will be pleased to help you. There are links below to learning that can be completed online, if this is something you still need to do.

When you finish each module, the program will generate a certificate – please save it, take a screenshot or use your phone to take a photo of it. You need to send this electronically, to your Training Adviser or ADC (Adult Training).

Two of the modules need some ‘validation’ – Essential Information and Tools for the Role. This means you need a chat with your Training Adviser or ADC (Adult Training), to ensure you understand the content and can put it into practice. This conversation could take place by phone, Facetime, Skype, Teams etc

Some of the ‘validations’ ask you to do some work with young people. In the current extraordinary circumstances, we are happy for you to base this on activities you have run in the past. Alternatively, Training Advisers can substitute other ideas, which could include what you WOULD do, if Sections were meeting. Again, please do not wait to validate once Scouting resumes.

There’s not much we can do about First Aid right now, but Safety and Safeguarding Awareness can be completed online. Again, there are links below to learning that can be completed online, if you need to update these. Please don’t wait for face to face courses to be reinstated.

Please send copies of certificates to Training Advisers or ADCs (Adult Training). There is no validation requirement for Safety or Safeguarding Awareness.

Near the foot of your training page on Compass, it tells you if your Mandatory Ongoing Learning is up to date.

Other training options

If your ‘Getting Started’ and ‘Ongoing Learning’ are already up to date, firstly many thanks for completing this mandatory training.

If you are a Leader working directly with young people in Sections, you might like to complete some learning towards your Wood Badge, during the coming weeks. There are some resources online to help you with this. The ‘Training for All Appointments’ and ‘Section Leader Training’ modules are relevant to you.

If you are a Manager or Supporter, you too might like to complete some learning towards your Wood Badge during the coming weeks. The ‘Training for All Appointments’ modules are relevant to your role. There are also Independent Learning Resources for Managers and Supporters – a series of short units, covering a range of topics which will help Managers and Supporters carry out their roles.


While we can continue to do our training from home, it's important that we get that training validated.  That might seem tricky while face-to-face Scouting is suspended, so we've worked with volunteers in Forth Region to come up with some ideas for validating training while we're restricted to online meetings.

Validation guides