Our adult volunteers get just as much from Scouting as young people. All adult leaders in Scouting receive support through our comprehensive training programme, helping them to develop their current skills and learn new ones.

This training can help towards the achievement of external qualifications, while there are also awards which recognise dedication to training and outstanding service within the Movement. 

Scouts have a great training scheme that ensures that every volunteer is fully supported and has the skills they need to do their role.

Alasdair Keane, Cub Leader

How our training works

Training is offered in two distinct stages. Initial training entitled 'Getting Started', gives an overview of the Movement and highlights the need for operating within the Association's key policies. It also signposts the new leader to any further training they may require and helps them to understand their new role.

Training is offered in a range of ways: residential or single day courses, small group, e-learning or workbooks. There is also a facility to recognise relevant learning undertaken elsewhere. Leaders undertaking training are supported by a more experienced leader who operates as a Training Adviser (coach/mentor).

Once the leader's personal training has been completed and they have demonstrated that they are putting their learning into practice, then they can be awarded the Wood Badge. The Wood Badge recognises the commitment to the values and ethos of the Movement by leaders who have undertaken training.


Training events

Training for Section Leaders is organised by your region. Group Scout Leaders, Assistant Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners can apply to attend skills courses advertised on our events calendar. Please remember that the requisite independent learning needs to be completed before attending the course. 


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