Scouting happen

We have some funding available to Sections, Groups, Districts and Regions to support the delivery of a quality Scouting programme that is available for all. The Scottish Development Fund provides a number of grants.

Thank you for the grant we received. It meant that all our children were able to attend a National Activity Centre and be part of our whole Scouting community.

Kathleen, Cub Leader

Scottish Development Fund

Apply if you’re seeking to fund:

The start-up costs of a Section (Start-Up Box)

Training & Assessment of Adults (Small Grant)

Development Initiatives (Standard Grant)

Support for Additional Needs (SHQ Disability and Additional Needs Fund)

Deadlines for these funds are on: 1 February, 1 May, 1 September, 1 November. Send completed forms by email to:


Support with fundraising

Our Head of Fundraising, who is responsible for raising money on behalf of Scouts Scotland, can help support us all to deliver first-class Scouting for as many people in Scotland as we can reach.

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