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We have a variety of grant disbursal programmes that allow individuals, Scout Groups, Districts, Regions and national projects to be partially or fully funded.

The commitment of the Board to support this work at a local level means we can put the strategy into practice in every community across Scotland, making sure everyone has the opportunity to be part of Scouting and develop skills for life

Gordon Robertson, Chair of the Scottish Board

What we can fund

Additional Support Needs Grant

We can support members with additional needs to access Scouting or to take part in specific activities. We can help fund specialist equipment, training for volunteers, or to allow a carer or other support to attend an activity to support a young person.  We are able to support members with additional needs to access Scouting. Major adaptations to buildings or building repairs cannot be considered under this fund. You can apply for any amount up to a maximum of £2,500.

Complete the application form(The Group/District/Region bank details must be entered for this application)  a committee member will contact you to discuss the application.

Standard Development Grants

We support Scout Groups, Districts, Regions and national projects with recruitment, inclusivity, community impact projects and wider programme development including the purchase of related equipment.

We cannot support any international projects outside of the UK or Common Travel Area. Major adaptations or repairs to buildings cannot be considered under this fund.

For any application on behalf of an Explorer Unit or Scout Network, the supporter of the application must be either the District Lead Volunteer, 14-24 Team Leader or District Chair, the application should be made in the name of the district.  Applications that support members in disadvantaged settings are especially welcome.

Complete the application form – (The Group/District/Region bank details must be entered for this application).   You will be contacted by a committee member to discuss your application. 

New Section Start-Up Support

We want to help you grow Scouting locally, so we’ll provide up to £400 in financial support towards specific start-up costs like hall hire or membership fees. We will ask you to tell us what the funds will be used for – hall hire, specific equipment etc.  We cannot offer this support to Sections that have restarted less than three years after closure. You must apply within 6 months of the section start date recorded on Compass.

Complete the application form (The Group/District bank details must be entered for this application) a member of the Scouting Operations Team will contact you when the application has been approved. 

Adventurous Activity Training, Skills Training, and Permits

We can provide up to 1/3 of the course fees up to a maximum grant of £200 towards training in Scout skills, a Scout permit, an external qualification, permit assessment, or the assessment of an external qualification where it benefits young people.  You can only apply for funding for enhanced first aid courses (including BASP) where it is a pre-requisite for a Permit related external qualification or becoming a First Response Trainer, this must be detailed in the application.   

Applications for funding must be submitted at least 14 days before the course starts. If your application is submitted at short notice, you may not be guaranteed for approval before attending the course. 

You’ll need to be able to provide details of your course, including costs, provider, location, title, and dates, as well as the purpose of the course. Attach the invoice/booking email. 

Complete the application form(The Group/District/Region bank details must be entered for this application).

Support for Scouting in Areas of Deprivation

This support is provided through The Scottish Government’s Cashback for Communities programme and can reduce costs of activity days and camps; buy equipment that allows skills to be taught; provide leadership training and give young people a place to belong.  

It's aimed at young people aged between 10 and 24, which means Scouts, Explorer Scouts, and Scout Networkers. To be eligible they must live in or be a member of a Scout Group or Unit that is situated in an area of deprivation as measured by SIMD.  

Complete the application form –  A member of the Scouting Operations Team will contact you to discuss the application and the next steps. 


Check out the guidance notes for more information.



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