Are you up for the challenge?

Looking for something fun and challenging to take part in this weekend? Then we've gotcha covered - take on our 12 Explorer Challenges individually or with your friends online! Share photos and videos of how you get on to your Instagram story and tag us @ScoutsScotland! 

We will be running an Explorer takeover of the Scouts Scotland Instagram all weekend, so make sure you're following us @ScoutsScotland! Stay tuned to see what others are up to and tag us in your stories for a chance to be featured! Can you be the best?!

Colin Hastie, Scotland Commissioner (Explorer Scouts)


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Challenge 1 – Build A Boat

The staff at the Lochgoilhead Adventure Centre have set this challenge to build a boat at home that can support as many cans of beans/ soup as possible. Video evidence of boats carrying as many cans until they sink can be shared on Instagram and tag us @ScoutsScotland!


You will need:

Recycling materials to make your boat

A bath/ big tub of water to float your boat

Cans of soup/ beans/ tinned food to test your boat

Challenge 2 – World Famous Art

The Chief Commissioner of Scotland has called on you to recreate a world famous piece of art! Can you replicate something we would all recognise…? Send us a photo and we’ll judge if we can tell the difference from the real thing!


You will need:

An appreciation for world art


Challenge 3 – Superhero Eggs

Eggs are super, and very much in fashion this weekend – can you decorate an egg like a superhero, and arm it with a parachute of your own design? 

Let’s see if your superhero really is super as you launch it from a (very safe) high height! Don’t forget to video it and tag us @ScoutsScotland!


You will need:

1 egg

Pens/ paint to decorate your super egg

Parachute materials

A high height 

Challenge 4 – Moving Pioneering

Our Scotland Commissioner for Explorers is looking for a moving mini-pioneering structure – using materials you can find at home or in your local area. Send us a video of your structure moving and see which is the best! 


You will need:

Pens/ pencils/ chopsticks/ real sticks

String/ twine/ rubber bands/ shoelaces

Challenge 5 – Living Spelling

From our Adventure Centre at Fordell Firs, can you find six living things (people, pets, animals or plants), the first letter of each spells out EASTER? Send us a series of photos or a wee montage image, with extra credit to the most creative!


You will need:

Six living things

To know how to spell Easter

Challenge 6 – International Connections

This challenge is set all the way from Texas, USA! Can you make contact with an international Explorer Unit and exchange stories of lockdown? The pandemic has hit all Scouts around the world, let’s see what other countries have been up to. Send us a video or a post sharing what you find!


You will need:

International contacts – speak to your leaders or friends to see if they have anyone you can contact, or try searching for a country’s Scout websites. 

Challenge 7 – Explorer Unit Theme Song

Our Depute Chief Commissioner for Programme has set a challenge to see if you can compose a theme tune for your Explorer Unit! Let’s get musical and capture the essence of your unit in a tune or song. You could do this solo or with friends online/ locally, and it doesn’t need to have words, you may think it’s best to let the music do the talking! Send us a video of your theme song and tell the world what your Unit is all about!


You will need:

A good(?) signing voice

Musical instruments (optional)

Challenge 8 – A Celebration of the Great Outdoors

Our Adventure Centre at Meggernie has asked if you can create a picture to celebrate the great outdoors. Make sure it is no bigger than a pillow case, and it must contain the items below. Send us a photo of your completed celebration and help inspire us to get back outside as lockdown eases!


You will need:

One recycled item

Something edible

Something natural


Uniform shirt


Challenge 9 – Stop Motion Video

Set by East Region, can you create a stop motion video/ animation on your phone? Choose your own topic to film, take a series of individual photos and use a free app to stitch them together! Send us the completed video and tag @ScoutsScotland. Do we have any budding directors out there…?  


You will need:

A mobile phone with a camera

An app to stitch photos together like Stop Motion Studio, iMotion, OSnap! or PicPac

Challenge 10 – Coded Local Landmarks

Tell us about a local walk or visit to a local landmark you have done during lockdown, but can you tell us where it is in sign language, or using semaphore? Send us a video from that place and sign/ flag the name of it and we can try to decipher your location!


You will need:

A local place/ landmark/ feature

Hands to sign/ flags to wave

Challenge 11 – Foodie Flags

Here’s a chance to get creative with your food – can you make a meal which looks like a famous flag? All edible ingredients and the more delicious the better! Send us a photo of your flag meal, tag us @ScoutsScotland and we can guess what the flag is!


You will need:


A knowledge of flags

A healthy appetite to eat the flag afterwards

Challenge 12 – Make a Photo Map

The challenge from South East Region is to create a photo map of your local area – pick out some local landmarks, go for a walk/ cycle/ run and collect photos and their positions, plot them on your map and send us a photo! 

You will need:

Paper/ digital map of your area

Camera phone