Scouting at home

After the suspension of face-to-face Scouting was announced, it didn't take long before members across the country had devised amazing ways to keep Scouting from home. 

We're working to support you with more ideas of things you can do while Scouting at home. We're updating our Scottish badges and awards and we're coming up with lots of new challenges.

We'll be adding to this page over the coming weeks with more challenges and awards. You can follow us on facebook to find out when there's something new.

Please remember, it is essential that government guidance is followed while doing any Scouting at home. Make sure you keep yourself and others safe while Scouting at home.


I can't say enough how proud I am of all our members. These are incredibly challenging times and it is essential that we pull together, follow advice, and keep ourselves and our young people safe. As we pull through this crisis, I know that Scouts will be vital to rebuilding our society, bringing together communities, and supporting young people from all backgrounds to connect and develop skills that will help them to succeed.

Andrew Sharkey, Chief Commissioner of Scotland

Thistle Awards - at home edition!

Our Thistle Awards can now be done safely from home!

The Thistle Awards provide a focus on Scotland, it’s people, and culture, whilst being fun and challenging for young people. From visiting (virtually) local landmarks and learning a phrase in Gaelic, to designing tartan and cooking a traditional Burns Supper, these awards offer a uniquely Scottish experience.

The Awards are progressive through the sections and available for Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts. The award can be run alongside challenge and activity badges.

Zodiac Award - at home edition!

Our Zodiac Award encourages outdoor nights away experiences including camping, bivouacs, and expeditions in different – and sometimes unusual - environments at different times of the year. As part of the award you take on fun activities and challenges along the way.

There are so many ways to have nights away experiences while staying safe at home, so we've adapted the award to work until we're back to face-to-face Scouting.

If you have already been working on your award, or had planned to start it you can download everything you need to know here:

Zodiac Award Requirements - Scouting at Home

Zodiac Award Challenges - Scouting at Home

Zodiac Awards FAQs

Never heard of the Zodiac Award, or wanted to try it but weren't sure?

We've created the At Home Zodiac Challenge just for you!

The At Home Zodiac Challenge gives you a chance to try out what it would be like to take on the full award. You take part in fun challenges, and when you're done you get a certificate for your achievements. 

If you decide to take on your Bronze Award afterwards, your At Home Zodiac Challenge will contribute to it and get you well on your way to achieving your award.

Download the challenge requirements below:

At Home Zodiac Challenge

Beavers 101 - a summer of fun!

Even though Beavers isn’t running the way it usually does at the moment, we can still do loads of the fun, exciting, interesting activities we would normally do and continue to learn new Scouting skills.

We’re setting every Beaver Scout across Scotland a massive challenge – to complete as many different activities as you can from our list of 101. There are three different levels for you to aim for:

Bronze - complete at least 50 different activities
Silver - complete at least 75 different activities
Gold - complete all 101 different activities

The activities can be done in any order you like and whenever you want to do them. Lots of them will also count towards existing badges, so make sure you keep a note of the ones you've done! 


This year our ScotJam event looked a bit different and was run entirely online! Scouts from across Scotland (and some from around the world) came together to take part in loads of challenges and activities at home!

The best part about it? You can do the same challenges any time you like in your own home.

If you're up for building a raft, creating a 3D star, exploring the sun's path, or loads more, you can find them all on the ScotJ@M website below.

Check out the ScotJ@M website

Scottish Scout Network Stag Award

Welcome to our very special at home Scottish Scout Network Stage Award. This award will help you channel your energy into something fun over the summer. From cycling 100 miles to building a den and sleeping in it, to cooking cuisines from 6 different countries, to hosting an online quiz for friends, there's something for everyone.

Following government advice, complete a minimum of 20 challenges to gain the award.

Download the award requirements below. 

Scottish Scout Network Stag Award

Wish you were here postcards

Lockdown may have increased our reliance on technology, but it's also re-introduced us to some more traditional pursuits.  If there’s anyone from your group you haven’t heard from for a while or that may have issues gaining access to technology, why not send them a postcard?  We’ve created a postcard for each section with a list of fun Scouting activities that can be done at home. 

You can print these off in colour or black and white and send them to your young people to brighten up their day.

Download your postcards below:






DofE with a difference

Calling all Explorers, Networkers and Leaders …

Did you know that you can still work on your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award during these times of staying at home?

‘DofE with a Difference’ enables participants to modify their chosen activities so they can still be completed while maintaining social distance. You can change activities more than once if necessary, but only with your Leader’s approval. 

Anything you have already done in a section will still count, provided you obtain an Assessor’s report, and you only need to complete your new activity for the remaining time.

There are numerous different activities that you could do to complete the physical, skills and volunteering sections.

Find out all about it here.