Funding support

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created a period of uncertainty for lots of charities and organisations. We know that many of our Groups, Districts and Regions will be struggling financially during the crisis and will need funding to help them.

Some funding packages have been put together that youth organisations may be eligible for. Each package aims to support organisations throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. The criteria varies for each funding scheme, so we'd recommend checking the details to see what you may be able to apply for. 

We'll keep updating this page as more funding packages are announced. If you see any funds that we don't have here and you think would be useful for more groups, email us at and we can add them.

I can't say enough how proud I am of all our members. These are incredibly challenging times and it is essential that we pull together, follow advice, and keep ourselves and our young people safe. As we pull through this crisis, I know that Scouts will be vital to rebuilding our society, bringing together communities, and supporting young people from all backgrounds to connect and develop skills that will help them to succeed.

Andrew Sharkey, Chief Commissioner of Scotland

Potential funds to apply for and top tips

We've created a list of funds below that you might be eligible for. Each fund will have different criteria, and won't be right for every group. You'll need to understand what your financial situation is so you can best choose the fund that might be right for you.

These funds are Scotland or UK-wide, but there may be more funding available for local areas. It is worth checking your Local Authority website and the websites of any local funders that you're aware of.

There is some great advice on the SCVO website that might help you with writing your funding applications.

We also pulled together a few of our top tips that we always keep in mind when writing applications:


Be bold. Scouting makes a real impact – we see it every week, but the funders probably don’t. Use numbers, quotes, case studies, images and stories - whatever it takes to get the message across about the huge difference you make to young people and communities across Scotland. 

Know what you’re asking for and be specific. Be clear about what it is you’re going to do, why you’re going to do it, who it will benefit and how much it will cost.

Read the small print. Make sure you’re eligible for the funding. If you’re not sure, drop the funder an email or give them a call - they might be able to help you, although this isn't always possible during busy times.

Robertson Trust

In September 2020 the Robertson Trust launched their new funding strategy.

If your group or activities meets their funding criteria of helping to alleviate the effects of poverty and trauma in your community you may be eligible.

There are 3 main funding streams (Wee Grants, Small Grants and Large Grants) plus Community Vehicle and Community Building Grants.

No set closing dates- applications can be sent in at any time.

Organisations with an annual income of up to £2million and fitting the Trust criteria are eligible to apply.

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National Lottery Awards for All Scotland

You can apply to Awards for All for grants of between £300 and £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities. Applications are welcomed from voluntary or community groups, registered charities, sports clubs, not-for-profit companies, social enterprises, schools and statutory bodies. 

Applications should do at least one of the following: bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities, improve the places and spaces that matter to communities, or help more people to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage.

There are no deadlines and applications can be made at any time. 

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The Bank of Scotland Foundation Reach Fund will support charities with an income of £1.5m or less can apply for funding of between £5,000 and £30,000 over one year, who can demonstrate they address disadvantage or social exclusion. 

Disadvantage - examples include charities addressing primary disadvantage such as homelessness, abuse, mental health or poverty, or secondary disadvantage such as debt issues, learning disabilities, illiteracy, lack of employability skills or health issues.

Social Exclusion - examples include charities addressing exclusionary challenges for minorities, people with disabilities, LGBT people, drug users, institutional care leavers, the elderly or the young.

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Community funds

If your group is in the vicinity of a windfarm, you may be eligible for a community benefit fund. The Foundation help to administer many community benefit funds that exist across Scotland to support the communities living near windfarms.

You can find out more about each fund and how to apply through the link below.

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Co-op local community funds

The fund chooses new causes every 12 months. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

Groups may be eligible for the co-op local community funds for projects that bring the community together to help those in need, support the mental and physical health of others through community wellbeing activities, or enable people to develop or share their skills to foster community spirit and build resilient communities.

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Foyle Foundation

Applications opened June 1st 2020

This small grants scheme is designed to support charities with an income of less than £150,000 pa working at grass roots level in the UK.

Focus is on one-year grants to cover core costs or essential equipment, to enable ongoing service provision, homeworking, or delivery of online digital services to charities active in their communities which are currently delivering services to the young, vulnerable, elderly, disadvantaged or the general community either directly or through online support if possible.

Charities can apply for between £1,000 and £10,000

No deadline given

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Scottish Government empowering communities fund

The Investing in Communities Fund (ICF) offers up to £350,000 of mostly revenue funding for projects of up to 3 years.

Funding should be collaborative/partnership-based and address the 4 aims of the fund ( including tackling poverty and inequality, developing place-based approaches, community-led, and ensure a transition to net-zero).

An information webinar will be held on 8th December, 2pm-3pm for anyone interested in applying for the Investing in Communities Fund.

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One Stop Community Partnerships

One Stop Community Partnerships offers to support community groups or organisations operating within 2 miles of a One Stop store.

They support organisations including those supporting children's activities with grants of up to £1,000 and planning support.

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Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a fantastic tool for Scouts to raise vital funds. If you're not already claiming Gift Aid, this is something that you could look into now that could make a big difference to your group financially. There is a bit of work required to get it set up, but you can potentially claim back for up to 4 years of Gift Aid that you've missed out on, and once you're set up your group will benefit for years to come.

Find out more information and how to apply on the Scouts UK Gift Aid webpage.