Who's Who


I work in partnership with the Chief Commissioner of Scotland and the Chair of the Board of Trustees using our strategic vision with a strong values-based approach, making sure that we put young people at the heart of all we do in local communities across Scotland. 

I lead the Executive Leadership Team to provide direction and focus for our work in support of volunteers and make sure that we play a leading role across the charity sector for the development of skills for life for young people.

Graeme Luke


I am responsible for leading the Scouting Operations Team, which consists of a Scouting Operations Manager, Scouting Operations Officers and Local Development Officers.  I work in partnership with Scouts Scotland’s volunteers to develop and deliver our Strategy to keep growing, be more inclusive, be shaped by young people and make a big impact in communities throughout Scotland.

Terry O’Neill


As Head of Outdoors & Adventure, I am responsible for the continued development of our Scout Adventures operational plan and for contributing to the overall strategic direction of the organisation, taking a lead on outdoor learning and adventure. 

I am also a RYA centre Principal, DofE AAP manager and DofE tutor for the centre and I work with the wider Scouts Scotland team to advise on outdoor learning and educational links, the permit scheme and adventure aspects of the programme. 

I have worked in outdoor learning for 21 years including eight years at Lochgoilhead. My work within the outdoor industry has taken me all over Europe and the UK working in wide range of centres and settings.  I have worked in the education sector as a lecturer, training the next generation of outdoor educators. 

I hold a wide range of qualifications, both academic and practical, and I'm an accredited practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

I'm also an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader and Activity Assessor within Glasgow and enjoy the opportunities that Scouting still brings as a volunteer.

Neil Baird


As a member of the Scouting Operations Team I support volunteers with a focus on adult training and support with grant applications. I work to support the volunteers in their development and progression in Scouting.  The aim is to have well trained and knowledgeable volunteers who can deliver varied and exciting activities to our young people, setting them up with skills for life.

Simon Robinson


As a member of the Scouting Operations Team, I support volunteers across Scotland and help to deliver our Strategy.  I work primarily with Regions and Districts to support their local needs but also ensure national priorities are understood.  I collaborate with our Programme, People and Perception Teams and the Scouting Operations Officer linked to each of these.


David Knox


As Scouting Operations Officer (Programme) I help support our volunteers deliver a relevant and engaging programme to our young people.  The role varies from behind the scenes admin work which most people never see to helping out at events providing activities directly to the young people.

I grew up in Scouting, starting Beavers at six before drifting away from the organisation in my early twenties when work and life took over.  With my first born starting Beavers I returned as a volunteer to give a little back to the organisation that I gained so much from and things developed from there.  Currently a Section Leader in West Lothian and I help to deliver First Response courses within the district.

Kris Mackie


As a member of the Operations Team I support adult volunteers with funding, events and training.

I have been involved in the movement from beavers through all the sections to leader in my early 20’s before moving away with work. I a currently a member of the Scout Team in Lenzie, and Transformation Lead in Clyde region.

Duncan Williams-Buchanan


As the Growth and Communities Officer, I work alongside Regions and Districts as we continue to achieve growth within Scouting. I provide support in making Scouting more inclusive and readily available as we work towards our Skills for Life Strategy. This can be done through the ongoing development of current provision, as well as opening new provision in a variety of areas throughout Scotland.

Out with work, I am a team member of both Scouts and Squirrels.

Jill King


As a Local Growth Officer, my role is to provide our Regions and Districts in the east of Scotland with practical support to enable them to achieve their growth aspirations. I work with our fantastic volunteers, focusing specifically on opening new Sections for underrepresented communities and in areas of deprivation.

Before joining Scouts Scotland, I spent over 20 years working freelance on a wide range of comms, project management and journalism projects. Away from work, I do more Scouting as a team member in my local Scout Group. I’m a keen distance runner and enjoy hill walking and camping, too. I’m also a music nerd, particularly fond of punk and metal.

Calum Harvie


As a Local Growth Officer (West), I work with our volunteers at Group, District and Regional levels across the West of Scotland and into the Central Belt giving practical support to create new provision in under represented communities and areas of deprivation.

Out with work I am a Deputy District Commissioner and an Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training) with over 14 years’ experience working with all age groups of the Scouts.


Sarah Lintott