Charlie Cumber

My role on the Scottish Board is to represent the views of our youth membership, as elected by the National Youth Advisory Group. I am passionate to support our national strategy to make leadership and management roles accessible to young adults.

Since I joined as a Beaver Scout, I appreciated Scouting for providing an environment where it was acceptable for boundaries to be pushed and risks to be taken. Progressing through Buckstone Scout Group, I returned as a Young Leader with the Cub section. Soon after my eighteenth birthday I took on the responsibility of running the Cub Pack where I instituted a culture change, discarding the stagnant rotating programme, and empowering the Cubs to plan their own programme.

I am now the Group Scout Leader, and I am currently enjoying the challenge of managing, and having a role in strategic planning.

Out with my group I am an archery and high ropes instructor at Bonaly Campsite. Adventurous activity is a key element of the Scout programme and I intend to make instructor training accessible to young people. I am active within Scout Network, achieving my Queen Scout award in 2015, staffing the Atholl Experience at Blair Jamborette in 2016, and attending the Icelandic Moot in 2017.

I am currently studying Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, participating in research of Motor Neurone Disease.

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